About Math Bowl

math bowl

About Math Bowl


The purpose of the Math Bowl is:

  1. To promote the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  2. To give outstanding math students the opportunity to compete with one another in solving challenging problems.
  3. To promote good-will and understanding through mathematics among the schools and students of Hawaii.
  4. To stimulate interest in and create enthusiasm for the learning of mathematics through friendly competition.

History of the Hawai'i State Math Championship (State Math Bowl)

The Hawai'i Council of Teachers of Mathematics (HCTM) and Brigham Young University Hawaii have been primary forces behind the State Math Bowl (State Math Championship) in conjunction with a prolific number of supporters.

The State Math Championship (State Math Bowl) was started in 1978 because the already successful Oahu Mathematics League (OML) did not include any neighbor island school and the OML required participation by 10 student teams, thereby making it difficult for the smaller and neighbor island schools to receive any recognition.

Already, many previous participants have returned to contribute to the success of the State Math Championship. Mr. Merritt Eto is the only person to have been a member on a winning team (Mililani in 1987) and to have coached a winning team (Mid Pacific Institute in 1993 and 1994). Coaches Michael Park (sixteen times) of Iolani, Dian Nielsen (nine times), Candace Kanja (eight times), and Carl Wheeler (six times) of Mid Pacific, Patricia Ota (five times) of Hawaii Baptist Academy, James Wong (four times) of Maryknoll, and Sean Wilson (four times) of Seabury Hall have the most victories.

Problems Committee

The competition problems committee is comprised of:

  • Frank Mauz
  • Paul Hurst
  • Scott Hyde
  • Tom Yamachika
  • Ka Lun Wong
  • Susan Barton
  • Joel Helms

They have been and will be busy preparing problems for you and your students.

Results & Awards

The names of the top three schools in each class (A or AA) shall be publicized.

Awards to be presented in each class are as follows:

  • First place trophy
  • Second place trophy
  • Third place trophy
  • Perpetual trophy
  • Each individual receives a certificate of participation.
  • Awards for special categories, such as most improved school score, first time participation in the Math Bowl, etc.